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Colonial Beach Playground
of the Potomac by first time author Francesca A. Henle Taylor.  Historian and genealogist, Mrs. Taylor, provides  a rich vivid  account of the small
Potomac river Virginia town with a rich detailed history that spans hundreds of years and photos of the times.

Available later in 2014





Local History





Comic Books




Artist :Francisco Menor (Blue Water)
Inker : Juan Albarran (DC)
Colors: Jay Moyano (
Ape Entertainment)
Written by : John Daniel Taylor IV

The year is 2688. The planet Earth is under the influence of a mini ice Age from two natural disasters. The world has slipped into ordered chaos. The population of the planet is decreasing.

Despite this grim population outlook, life expectancy is up…for some.

Available June 2014!

The Strange is a
science fiction
adventure with
a Super Hero
twist in the
immediate near
future of a
grim Earth.

of 3CORPS, is laid up in the Hospital Wing of Station Zero
recovering from the Issue #1 battle with Gabriel. In the
meantime, the remainder members of 3CORPS, Krimson
and Faceless, must face off with the ultimate power of The
Devastator. As if this is not enough, Axiom, led by the
insane Dr. Specter, is preparing a Full ON assault on
Station Zero to take possession of The Daedalus Spear.

This is part 2 of a 3 part story line.

Amazing cover by:
Artist Ariel Medel (Zenescope)
Inked by Juan Albarran (DC)
Colors by Jacinto Moyano Guerrero (Ape).

This is a 32 page full color comic.
Written and created by
John Daniel Taylor IV



Coming in August 2014!


Artist : Ferran Sellares (Zenescope)
Inker : Jordi Tarragona (DC, Marvel)
Colors: Jay Moyano (Ape Entertainment)



Meet her for the first
time in October when
Issue #1 will be released.

She is not bad, she's just wicked. Betty Wicked, Modern witch and investigator into the
occult and paranormal.

Available in October 2014


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